Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital District Presentation


1. North Island Hospitals Project Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital District March 14, 2013 1
2. Vision of Vancouver Island Health Authority: “Excellent care for everyone, everywhere, every time.” Vancouver Island Health Authority Purpose: To provide superior healthcare through innovation, teaching and research, and a commitment to quality and safety –creating healthier, stronger communities and a better quality of life for those we touch. 2
3. Guiding Principles 1. A Place we want to work and learn  We will create an environment where employees, physicians and volunteers can work collaboratively in promoting health, wellness,  a facility that fosters teaching, recruitment and retention 3
4. Guiding Principles 2. Evidence Based Design  Quality and safety: we will use evidenced based design to maximize quality and safety for patients and staff, as well as maximize efficient operations  Future and needs focused: the facility will be designed to meet and adapt to the needs of patients, visitors, employees, volunteers, learners, teachers and researchers now and into the future  Similarity: there will be similarity in composition, design and construction between the two facilities that will result in capital and operational efficiencies, as well as improved patient, staff and physician experiences  Technology: we will use technology to integrate services within the facilities, between the facilities and throughout northern Vancouver Island 4
5. Guiding Principles 3. Patient centred: for Islanders, First Nations and the Elderly o We will pursue excellence and innovation to deliver safe, quality health care and improved health outcomes to:  All residents of northern Vancouver Island, in particular:  First Nations: we will be sensitive to diversity and the healing practices of Aboriginal populations  Elderly populations 5
6. Comox Valley Hospital Campbell River Hospital o 29,000 m2 • 22,657 sq m2o 153 beds • 95 bedso $334 million • $266 million o Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital • Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital District 40% = $133.6 million District 40% = $106.4 million o MRI o Maternity Care Aboriginal Women o University of British Columbia (UBC) o University of British Columbia (UBC) Academic Teaching Space Academic Teaching Spaceo 71% growth o 69% growth 6
7. Campbell River Hospital Proposed Design 7
8. Comox Valley Hospital Proposed Design 8 8
9. Project Schedule Finalizing ‘Request for Proposal’ Package March, 2013 VIHA Site Preparation Work March – November,Comox Valley Site – Leighton Contracting (2009) 2013 Ltd. Campbell River Site – Palladian Development Request for Proposal Phase April – December,Collaborative Meetings (4) 2013 Identify Preferred Proponent January – March,Project Agreement Negotiations 2014 9
10. Project Schedule Financial Close March, 2014 Ground Breaking Ceremony Design and Construction of New Facilities April, 2014 – March, 2017 Service Commencement – Project Completion March, 2017 Commissioning and Transition Period April – September, 2017 Move-In Late Fall, 2017 10
11. Project Proponents Team: Plenary Health • Plenary Group (Canada) Ltd. • PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc. • CEI Architecture Planning Interiors • Parkin Architects Western Ltd. • Johnson Controls Inc 11 11
12. Project Proponents Team: Arbutus Healthcare Partners • Carillion Canada Inc. • Bird Capital Limited • Concert Infrastructure Ltd. • Bird Design-Build Construction Inc. • Campbell Construction Ltd • Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. • NBBJ Architecture 12 12
13. Project Proponents Team: Tandem Health Partners • Balfour Beatty Capital – Canada Ltd. • Gracorp Capital Advisors Ltd. • Connor Clark & Lunn GVest Traditional Infrastructure LP • Graham Design Builders LP • Farmer Construction Ltd. • Stantec Inc. • Honeywell International Inc. 13 13
14. Hospital Design• Project and Program Design: o Initial design decisions for RFP made with direct consultation from over 20 user groups (300 people)  Physicians, nurses, food services, laundry, housekeeping, management o Future design decisions with proponent to include:  User groups (physicians, nurses, food services, laundry, housekeeping, management)  Evidence Based planning 14
15. Hospital Design • Evidence Based Design: o Great Design = better patient outcomes and cost savings o Single patient rooms with bathrooms and carefully positioned hand wash stations help to reduce hospital infections o Higher staff satisfaction and retention o Desired Outcome = Greatest Benefits for the Best Value o Patients – Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff – Families 15
16. Campbell River Hospital – Comox Valley Hospital • 2 Acute Care Community Hospitals – Fully Functional • 244,000/315,000 sq feet 16
17. Campbell River Hospital – Comox Valley Hospital o 95/153 acute care beds o 72/105 IPU o 6/8 ICU o 7/9 tele o 7/9 LDRP+ ab mat CFE program CR o 3/6 pediatrics o Psychiatry 11, 4 PICU (CVH) 17
18. Campbell River Hospital – Comox Valley Hospital o 4/6 OR’s, 12/18 Surgical Daycare, 10/13 PARR o 5 procedure rooms o Outpatient clinics • Chemo 7, MDC 7 o 29/31 ER o Lab (including autopsy x 2) o Medical Imaging o Rehab o Pharmacy 18
19. Maternity Pediatrics CR NIHP CV NIHP Sq metres 956 1243 beds 7 LDRP, 3 peds 9 LDRP, 6 peds• Evidence and best practice: internationally renowned LRDP design in Nanaimo• Innovation: Centre for Excellence in Maternity Care for Aboriginal women in CR 19
20. Emergency CR Exist CR NIHP CV Exist CV NIHP Sq metres 390 1286 657 1346 Beds 28 pt spaces 31 patient spaces• Key User group feedback: o Flexible design to support single and multiple mds• Key adjacency- o Directly connected to medical imaging• Evidence- Nanaimo – streaming and emergent zones• 2 trauma bays, 2 secure rooms (1CV), 6 recliner chairs, 16 bays, ENT, gyne, quiet room 20
21. Ambulatory Care/ Procedures CR Exist CR NIHP CV Exist CV NIHP Ambulatory 850 1155 394 1155 Care Procedures 525 525• Key User group feedback: o Outpatient procedures Capacity • 5 procedure rooms:• Amb care: endoscopy (2), • Chemo (7) bronchoscopy, cataracts, plastic/ general surgery, • Medical daycare (7) colposcopy, urology • 22 exam rooms • Recovery including post • 3 procedure, interventional radiology • 2 group med visit rooms 21
22. New Hospital Features• Standardization: o Office space, meeting rooms, lounges o In Patient rooms, Intensive Care rooms, Operating Rooms o Maternity – Labour – Delivery – Recovery – Post-Partum (LDRP’s)• Space saving: o Washrooms – no longer staff and gendered (with exception of bathrooms in staff areas) 22
23. Project Procurement Public Private Partnerships (PPP)● Long term, performance-based contract between government and a private partner to deliver infrastructure and facility management services: o Design, build, finance, maintain into one contract o Transfers key risks: schedule, cost, lifecycle, design o Innovation and competition o Smooth payment starting during operation o Enables government to focus on core business – healthcare o Value for Money: $$ dollars and quality 23
24. Manage Project Program DeliveryProgram Design Build MaintainPlan Facility Management ServicesFinance ProjectOwn BuildingOwn Land Public sector Private partner 24
25. Concept Project Procurement – PPP Process Plan We are here Business 2 to 4 Case &months Design Concept Issue Issue RFP Negotiate 5 months RFQ to 2 years Design Construction 2 to 4 years Maintenance Contract Term 30 years 25
26. PPP Payment Mechanisms Example 26
27. Community Benefits• Industry Speed Dating Sessions (Spring 2013) o Opportunity for local businesses to meet with the Private Sector companies to discuss potential contracts and work o Information will be on the Portal in two weeks o One session in Campbell River and one in the Comox Valley o Working in partnership:  Campbell River Chamber of Commerce  Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce  Vancouver Island Construction Association 27
28. Community Benefits: EconomicDevelopment Contractors – FSJ 28
29. Community Benefits: Sub-Contractor Work Packages – FSJ Work Package 26 Painting 1 Site Services Misc Specialties-Entrance Mat/Wall 2 Civil Work for Electrical Utilities 27 Protection/Lockers 3 U/G HYDRO, TEL/CABLE 4 Tanks 28 Lab and Pharmacy Casework 5 Masonry 29 Wood Doors 6 Supply of Glu-Lams 30 Door Hardware 7 Hardboard Paneling & Wood Lattice 31 Asphalt Paving 8 Sprayed Insulation & Fireproofing 32 Washroom Accessories 9 Metal Roofing 10 Membrane Roofing 33 Light Pole Bases 11 Roof Hatches 34 Landscaping 12 Expansion Control 35 Signage 13 Windows (Res. Care) 36 ResCare Balcony membrane 14 Loading Dock Equipment 37 Exterior civil works 15 SPD equipment Interior and Exterior Steel Stud, Drywall 38 Equipment 16 39 Chiller Tank Waterproofing and Ceilings 17 Structural Steel (Res Care) 40 Miscellaneous Metals 18 Linen chutes 41 Shaft waterproofing 19 Interior Glazing 42 Equipment – Cat 3 20 Door Frames 21 Overhead Doors 43 Lockers 22 Architectural Louvers 44 White / Tackboards 23 Head walls 45 Cat 3 24 Resilient & Carpet 46 Cat 4 25 Millwork 47 Blinds 29
30. Aboriginal and First Nations Engagement• Aboriginal Working Group: o Kwakiutl District Council o Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council o First Nations Health Authority o Kómoks First Nation o Wachiay Friendship Centre o VIHA Aboriginal Employment o North Island Métis Nation o MIKISW Métis Association 30
31. Community Engagement • Public Engagement is key! o Quarterly community meetings o School district and local schools (School Advisory Committees) o Chamber of Commerce (Campbell River and Comox Valley) o City Council o Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital District o Associations/Groups:  Vancouver Island Construction Association  Vancouver Island Economic Alliance  Building Links o Website, Newsletters, Social Media 31
32. Thank You!!Questions?