North Island Hospitals Project milestone celebrated


Earlier this year, the North Island Hospitals Project held a Design Development Celebration event to mark the completion of the design phase and to prepare for another important stage – the fit out phase.

More than 200 people attended the event in January, including staff from the North Island Hospitals Project, champions from our 30 clinical user groups, representatives from working groups such as the Aboriginal Working Group, and representatives from Tandem Health Partners.

“After months of work on schematic design and design development, the project is still on time and we’ve reached one of our major milestones,” Chief Project Officer Tom Sparrow said at the event. “It’s time for us to celebrate and get ready for the fit out phase.”

Not only did the event signify the beginning of a new chapter, but, like many activities so far, it celebrated the importance of teamwork and trust among all those involved in the hospitals project.

“Henry Ford’s quote describes exactly what we’ve achieved so far,” said Sparrow. “’If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.’
“This is a ‘One Hospital, Two Campuses’ project. The key to success is collaboration and trust between staff, from both St. Joseph’s General Hospital and Campbell River Hospital, as well as, working groups and Tandem Health Partners.”

Today, both construction sites have finished pouring structural concrete. Much of the focus is now on procurement of equipment, interior design, way-finding, and transition planning for our staff. The project is moving along well – on time, on budget and on scope.

Watch the video of the Design Development Celebration event.