Graham – 90 Years Strong


There was cake and balloons on the new hospital sites in Campbell River and the Comox Valley recently as workers took a break to help celebrate an important anniversary. Graham, the main construction company, is celebrating 90 years of building.

“We’re trying to share the good news with as many people as we can on many of our sites,” said Dave Corcoran, Graham’s Vice President of Major Projects, Buildings. “These are two of our largest sites and we want to be able to celebrate.”

“We wanted to show our appreciation for everyone, all of our partners, all of the people that work for us, our subcontractors, our clients, so Graham’s been going forward with an ongoing celebration this year.”

Graham has indeed come a long way in the past 90 years. P.W. Graham & Sons Construction started building small railway stations for the Canadian Pacific Railway in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1926. Over the years, Graham has widened its range of expertise to include all types of buildings, industrial and infrastructure projects. From schools, hospitals, and roadways to power plants, oil refineries and public transit, the company has earned a reputation for delivering any project, of any size, in any location. With headquarters in Calgary, Graham conducts business from 13 offices across North America.

Graham was an early adopter of innovative information technology and was among the first to start thinking “green.” They continue to be at the leading edge of both software technology and sustainable construction practices.

“We went from those early, meagre days to where we are today,” Corcoran said. “We’re doing about $2.2 billion (in annual revenue). We’re one of Canada’s largest contractors. We have about 1,300 salaried staff and over 5,000 trades people working for us.

“Construction is a business that’s all about people. I think it speaks well of the company that we’ve thrived in a very competitive environment and we’ve done so because of the great people that we have working for us.”

Corcoran said it was important to bring the ’90 Years Strong’ celebration to the North Island Hospitals Project construction sites.

“It’s certainly one of our largest social infrastructure projects that we currently have on the go,” he said. “It’s been a real pleasure working with the staff. They’re very knowledgeable. Having people that have worked on previous P3 projects is a huge advantage to the process.”

Tom Sparrow, NIHP Chief Project Officer, offered his congratulations to Graham.

“Island Health is very pleased to be part of Graham’s anniversary celebrations signifying 90 successful years of building development and construction in Canada,” he said. “The North Island Hospitals Project exemplifies many of the best qualities in a Public Private Partnership including collaboration, trust and mutual respect for all members forming part of the consortium. Congratulations to the entire Graham team. We wish you many years of continued success.”

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NIHP - Graham's 90th