October, 2016

Construction milestone reached with the energizing of new hospitals in Campbell River and the Comox Valley


The North Island Hospitals Project reached an important milestone earlier this summer with the first-time energizing of the main electrical rooms in the new Comox Valley and Campbell River hospitals.

‘Going hot’ – the term used by the electricians – might make the process sound simple, but setting the stage to distribute electricity through a vast network of cables in each of the hospitals required much more than just flipping a switch. It required months of planning and preparation work, as ...

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Configuring the new hospital networks in Campbell River and the Comox Valley biggest job ever for Island Health


Making sure the North Island Hospitals are equipped to handle the latest information technology needs is a huge job. Just ask Tom Stone, Island Health network architect.

“This is the biggest job we’ve ever done at Island Health,” Stone said. “I’ve been here 12 years and we haven’t done anything this big. The last one we did that was sizable was the Patient Care Centre (PCC, in Victoria) but that wasn’t this big.”

“The new hospitals are going to be so tech ...

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