The goal of the North Island Hospital Project is to provide modern, effective, and appropriate inpatient and outpatient services to the communities of the North Island at two new state-of-the-art hospital campuses.

Four key objectives support this goal:

  1. Enhance North Island acute care capacity to meet growing and changing needs;
  2. Enhance quality of care for patients, especially elderly and Aboriginal populations;
  3. Improve access to services for all North Island communities; and
  4. Maximize staff and physician recruitment and retention potential.


The project will be guided by 10 key design principles. For details, please visit the Campbell River Design page and the Comox Valley Design page.


We expect to move into the new hospital campuses as early as Fall 2017. Please visit our Milestones page for important dates.

Community Engagement

Please visit our Community Engagement page to learn about local activities and how to participate.

Business Opportunities

Local businesses will benefit through the project’s use of local services and materials. Learn more about our Business Opportunities and procurement processes.

Got a question?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We also invite you to contact us with any questions, compliments or concerns.