Aboriginal Engagement

The North Island Hospital Project acknowledges that the two new hospital campuses will be located in the traditional territories of the K’ómoks, and Wei Wai Kum First Nation, and the We Wai Kai Nation. In addition, they will serve the entire North Island region, which is home to a number of First Nation and Métis groups:

Aboriginal Communities on Vancouver Island (.pdf)

Comox Valley Hospital Blessing Ceremony

Members of the K’ómoks First Nation perform a blessing ceremony at the site of the new Comox Valley campus. (March 8, 2013)

Aboriginal Working Group

The North Island Hospital Project has created an Aboriginal Working Group to advise the project team during the design and construction phase. This group will provide input on the hospital design to support facilities that reflect Vancouver Island First Nations and Métis cultures, community history and values, and incorporate the work of local artists.

Key areas that the Aboriginal Working Group will be providing feedback on include:

  • Traditional Medicine Gardens
  • Edible/medicinal plants to be placed on site
  • Outdoor seating areas and spiritual gardens with water features, traditional plants and herbs
  • Culturally appropriate design features
  • Aboriginal Maternal Care
  • All Nations’ Healing Room
  • Language and signage within the hospital and on hospital grounds


The membership of the Aboriginal Working Group is still being developed in conjunction with local Aboriginal partners. The following organizations have confirmed their willingness to participate as of July 2014: