A History of Care

The first hospital in the Comox Valley, the Union and Comox District Hospital (UCDH), was officially incorporated in what is now Cumberland on January 1, 1895, on the corner of Windermere Avenue and 2nd Street. The property and lumber were donated by the Union Colliery Company, which also built the doctor’s surgery and residence for the new company doctor.

The hospital was a two-storey building with six rooms on the main floor for wards, a kitchen, dining room, operating and dressing rooms. The upper floor was used by staff as residences. The hospital was essential in serving those working in the coal mines where accidents were common. Miners paid $12 dollars a month to the Collieries Employees’ Medical Fund to ensure their hospital access.

In 1915 the hospital changed its name to the Cumberland General Hospital. The hospital was torn down in 1977 and was replaced by the Cumberland Health Centre.

The first hospital in Comox was an eight-room farm house set up by four nuns in the summer of 1913. For more than 100 years, hospital-based services have expanded into what is now known as St. Joseph’s General Hospital, which is operated by the Archdiocese of Victoria.

Over the years, the Comox Valley grew from a small logging area to a vibrant, diverse collection of people and communities. As the population surged, health services in the community also expanded to include Home Health Care, a nursing centre, Mental Health and Substance Use services, Public Health nursing, health protection services, residential care and more.

The new North Island Hospital Comox Valley campus will build on this legacy of care in the community, extending and expanding services through the use of new technologies. It will elevate the standard of care in the community, on Vancouver Island, and across the province of BC.

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